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Is your website generating leads?

In comparison to competitors in the industry, Pro Marketer is an SEO company in Toronto that guarantees efficiency and value at an affordable price. Each SEO professional in our company focuses on strategic implementations to help you achieve your goals faster.


SEO services we offer:

  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Result oriented SEO and SMO strategies
  • Competitor analysis in-depth.
  • Mobile friendly website and ranking in local search.
  • Weekly SEO reports and free consultation.

Increase your ranking.

Getting in front of the right eyes is the first step. We’ll create targeting based on extensive keyword research and competitive analysis to ensure that your message reaches and resonates with your target audience.

Increase high-quality traffics

You’ll see an increase in traffic to your website as your rankings rise. Our SEO experts will assist you in optimizing your site for search engines and directing the appropriate traffic your way.

Expand your business.

Put your marketing dollars to work for you and monitor the true value of your money. Get rid of the fluffy stats. Begin tracking sales, customer lifetime value, and even brand lift.

Get High Quality SEO, For Your Target Audience


We work with their clients to boost the ranking of dedicated keywords used in web content. The practice of researching popular, industry-specific terms and phrases that drive search traffic to search engine results pages is known as keyword research. This is the tried-and-true first step in every website’s search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO Marketing Services

  • Keyword Analysis: Optimizing with SEO Marketing Experts
  • On-Page Optimization: Optimizing Crucial Website Factors
  • Off-Page Optimization: Optimize Factors Outside The Website
  • Link Building Optimization: Maximum SEO Benefits

What Makes Our Local Search Engine Optimization Services So Special?

  • Customer Behaviour
  • ROI Tracking
  • Regional Analysis

Customer Behavior

We have a thorough understanding of customer behaviour. We assist you in analyzing consumer behaviour in order to increase your ROI. Every click is closely monitored by our SEO team, and every perception and scroll are analyzed to determine and comprehend the customers’ psychography. This aids in gaining a deeper understanding of the consumer and achieving higher conversion, click, and ROI.

ROI Tracking

We understand the importance of key sales metrics for you and your business. Via its ROI Tracking, the SEO team at Pro Marketer assists businesses in increasing their ROI in an exponential manner.

Regional Analysis

We keep a close eye on the competition in your area and evaluate all aspects to help you get the most out of your return on investment. Our team also monitors regional consumer channels and a regional event to help you and your company outperform your competitors.


  • Financial Institution
  • Real Estate
  • Coaching
  • Small Businesses
  • Digital Marketing
  • Jewelry
  • Adult Pleasure

We are an SEO agency who knows what we’re talking about

What’s in it for you, though?

We’re going to make you look fantastic. When it comes to search engine marketing, we also want to take off the extra “hat.” Let’s see…we’ll get you leads, and you get to keep the credit.

Let us handle it. Boost your company with a team that is borderline obsessed with tactics that generate more leads, demonstrate a strong return on investment, and dig deeper into your target market.

With SEO, you will rank higher and get ahead of your competition.

Can we be completely honest with each other? You might as well be on page 100 if you’re on page two. When potential customers are looking for something, you need to be the first to show. Someone else would be if you aren’t.

If you question your results, maybe it’s time for different answers. We’ll help you out-perform and out-rank your competitors with smarter, more effective SEO strategies


SEO is being used by both large and small companies in Toronto to create new business online. With so many competitors targeting the same keywords, you’ll need to develop a strategy that’s specific to your business. Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What makes my company different?
  • How are my competitors doing better than me online?
  • What are people searching online to find my company?

When you work with Pro Marketer, our team of digital marketing experts will devise a plan that will allow you to compete and outperform your competitors online.

Tap Into a Wide Audience Base and Engage More

Promarketer SEO services are unrivalled when it comes to integrating search engine optimization into your inbound marketing strategy. Inbound marketing makes it easy for consumers to find your business online. 

Our pool of experts utilise the best SEO strategies to make your business more oriented towards your target audience. You will be able to easily attract those who are searching for information relevant to your business domain. Employing the right phrases and keywords will help you to gain greater visibility and reach out to your audience more effectively than ever before. 

Enhance your rankings with comprehensive SEO audits, recommendations, on-site optimization, and ongoing management. With Promarketer you can efficiently analyze your competition, inspect your website architecture, and gain support to resolve any query that you might get in the way. 

The fundamental aim of our SEO digital marketing campaigns is to increase your ranking organically which will help you gain better traffic and higher conversions. Our experts use tools and resources that help us to create a custom optimization campaign that revolves around your business. Promarketer is easily one of the most viable options for internet marketing services in Toronto. We have established ourselves as one of the most competent and trusted internet marketing firms.

Situated in downtown Toronto we work with a wide variety of businesses right from start-ups to other established ones. Our SEO services are simply unrivalled and we strive to serve our customers with utmost dedication to help them achieve the results and growth they desire. 

What You Can Expect by Choosing Us

  • Nail quality traffic, gain more leads, and enhance your rankings.
  • The benefit of best industry tools and resources for effective SEO implementation.
  • Continuous monitoring and checks so you remain updated with the latest SEO practices.
  • Comprehensive content planning, keyword assessment, and social media strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How long is the process of SEO?

There is no single answer to this question. Without having an idea of the relevant context of your website it is not possible for us to give a direct answer to this question. It is  mainly dependent upon your website. If it is well-established then you can start seeing results in a matter of a few weeks. But if it is not well-established then it can take upto 24 months for you to see results.

  • Can you elaborate a bit on the ROI on SEO?

ROI on SEO is definitely more than what you would like to imagine. Many of our clients through our robust SEO services have grown their sales by 1000 per cent in a period of just 1.5 years. But the most long-lasting result that you will get from our SEO services will be the increased traffic and leads for your website. Many of our clients have received a return as high as 50X on SEO. 

  • Can I reach the number 1 spot on Google?

Rather than chasing the number 1 spot, it is best to focus on ranking higher than what your current rank is. It is on this aspect that we focus first by inundating your website with organic traffic. When you rank higher on Google your chances of landing at the number 1 spot will automatically increase.

  • I tried SEO services before. But it didn’t give me the results I desired. How can you help?

If SEO has not worked for you before, it is highly likely that you have been duped by a scammer. If not, then it is possible that the agency you worked with before lacked SEO experts with detailed and specific skill sets needed for your website to rank higher. Mastering SEO is an art that may take as long as a decade. You must have worked with an agency that lacked an in-depth understanding of SEO implementation. Lastly, it may be that the company did not take adequate action to beat the existing competition. 

  • How much does SEO cost?

You can receive the exact answer to this question only by scheduling a one-on-one strategy consultation with us. If you still wish to get a general idea then it is that if you are a local business then SEO will not be very expensive for you. You can get a package that ranges from $500 to $2500 per month. However, if your business spans over numerous locations and has a local or international customer base, then your online presence will need more thorough research, content creation, linking, technical SEO and strategy. It is here when prices will begin to vary.

Take your brand to the top

On top of the world

Searching for something on the internet? It’s highly likely your audience will trust and select the results on the first page, specifically from the top. Like life, being at the top of a search engine also takes effort and time. Improve your rankings in search results so that your brand is not lost in the crowd.

PROviding you the right tools

Our experts have helped many brands get to the top because we understand inbound marketing. We’ll propel your brand forward more organically so that it benefits you. We’ll also help you lower your cost per click. Pro Marketer regards SEO as a mandatory tactic because it builds brand PR as well. Talk about having awesome benefits!

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Financial Institution

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